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Ansbacher Private Bank - Reaching the unreachable

Reaching the unreachable

UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individuals) and HNWI ( High Net Worth Individuals) don’t want to be sold to. So how do you reach them?

Discretion is the better part of marketing. For Ansbacher, we created extensive guidelines that covered every area where clients might interact with the brand. Everything had to be discrete, prestigious and reflect the world their customers inhabited. Each execution had to surpass their competitors or we didn’t recommend it. Brochures felt like collectable coffee table art albums, sponsorship included the Monaco Yacht Show and Dubai Horse Sales, corporate gifts for PAs came from Tiffany & Co, Cathedrals and Arch Bishops played host to Christmas Carol services and the clubhouse at the US Open Golf major was used for exclusive hospitality. Accordingly, the marketing only featured stunning residences and glorious boats… but never a person.

Brand perceptions changed from Ansbacher being old fashioned and associated with 'leather and wood' to modern and contemporary associated with 'steel and glass'
Brochures were ordered as 'must haves' and collectables.