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LegoLand - Queue lines become as fun as the rides

Queues at Legoland can be 1-2hrs. How do you make keep children entertained, parents happy, and a brand popular?

A captive audience is what every brand wants. To promote VisitDenmark, the major sponsor of Land of the Vikings, we made the queue lines an interactive and educational playground. To play on 20 giant plasma screens we created CGI and animated cartoons about Vikings narrated by Brian Blessed. This was intercut with live footage shot in Denmark. We also created an online and mobile game children could play whilst queuing and a series of posters with puzzles and interesting facts about Vikings and Denmark. There was also a competition to enter so we could measure uptake and data capture.

25,000 competition entries.
15,000 UK game players in first 3 months.
Concept, online and mobile game used across all European Legolands.