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New Zealand Lamb - New recipes, new campaign, new audience, new sales

Increase an already high retail price for less popular fresh cuts and frozen joints.

New Zealand is limited to importing only 200,000 tonnes of lamb a year. As they couldn’t sell more, the answer was to create a new positioning for NZL as a modern lifestyle choice; taking it beyond the traditional Sunday roast to appeal to a younger ‘on-the-move’ audience. New, exciting yet quick and easy recipes were developed with leading chefs like Peter Gordon to highlight lamb’s versatility. New meal situations ranged from BBQs to stir-fry to ‘kids’ food, areas NZL had never been in before.

With a budget 20% of Beefy & Lamby’s brand awareness went up to up over 90%. Sales of chilled (fresh) product rose 30%. Website hits up 1200%.