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Oman - Share the best kept secret in the Middle East

Share the best kept secret in the Middle East

How do you reach a worldwide audience without a massive global marketing budget?

Oman is one of the best-kept secrets in the Middle East. The Ministry of Tourism, tour operators, hotels, nature resorts, golf courses and adventure activities offered unrivalled and unseen content. Rather than using expensive broadcast TV, Internet TV was a more innovative and affordable way to broadcast Oman to a wider global audience. The channel is delivered via broadband to smartphones, tablets and laptops providing a highly personalised HD TV viewing experience. Viewers watch a 24/7 stream of live content, On Demand video and additional content from local TV companies and international broadcaster such as the BBC and ABC. The project is self-financing through selling media on the site. Most importantly, the IPTV service creates local employment through tourism and technology plus film production and studio initiatives.

Global project is currently in development in Oman.
Supported by Oman and British Ministries.
Forms a template for other countries with smaller marketing budgets.