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VisitØresund – Copenhagen & Malmö region

Nobody really knows about Scandinavia let alone a small, quirky region that you can’t pronounce! So how do you get the young, hip and fashionable to talk about it? And the more seasoned travellers to want to explore it.

Advertise without be seen to be advertising was the solution. In conjunction with Virgin Media, we sent journalists, DJs, party goers, art lovers and fashionista to the region on 72 hour ‘blog fest’. Their mission; to try as many bars, clubs, cafes, shops and galleries as they could in 3 days in both Copenhagen and Malmö and upload everything, both the good and the bad. Sleep was not an option. Honesty was. For the ‘empty nesters’ we linked up with Lonely Planet to produce a series of in-depth guides to this ‘undiscovered’ region of Europe. In both cases, we wanted the region to be endorsed by the website not the brand and even deliberately hid the logos below the fold. But still they got clicked.

Five times more hits to site than any previous campaign.
Virgin Media and Lonely Planet ran the campaigns for long given the traffic it was driving.